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Stevie Nicks, the ‘Queen of Rock ’n Roll’, has had an impressive career that has stood the test of time. With her unique voice, captivating lyrics, and iconic stage presence, she has conquered the world, both as a solo artist and as a member of Fleetwood Mac. But which songs of Stevie Nicks truly belong in the hall of classics? Here is our top 10 list of Stevie Nicks’ best songs.

10. Gold Dust Woman

Gold Dust Woman is a fascinating song that first gained fame as one of the highlights of Fleetwood Mac’s album “Rumours” (1977). In this track, Nicks explores the dark side of fame and its destructive influence, in a way that only she can. The song is known for its hypnotic rhythm and mysterious atmosphere, a true odyssey in the world of rock music.

9. Sara

8. Bella Donna

The title track from her debut album “Bella Donna” (1981) is a celebration of female strength and independence. The song pays tribute to the many roles women can play—from seductress to protector. Nicks’ voice sounds both powerful and vulnerable, making this song a lasting classic.

7. Talk to Me

From the album “Rock a Little” (1985), Talk to Me presents a more pop-oriented Nicks while still remaining true to her rock roots. The song is about the complexity of communication in relationships. The saxophone adds to a lively, radio-friendly sound that gives the song a unique character.

6. Crystal

First appearing on the Fleetwood Mac album from 1975, Crystal was re-recorded for Nicks’ “Bella Donna”. The song is characterized by its pure and simple composition, a nice contrast to Nicks’ often more complex work. The lyrics explore themes of loss and hope, resonating with listeners on a deep emotional level.

5. Stand Back

With a synth-rich composition, Stand Back demonstrates Nicks’ versatility as an artist who can embrace various musical styles. The 1983 song is an anthological piece that takes you on a wild, emotional ride, accentuated by Nicks’ characteristic, energetic vocal style.

4. Rooms on Fire

Rooms on Fire comes from the album “The Other Side of the Mirror” (1989) and shows the more introspective side of Nicks. The song describes the magic and complexity of a love relationship. The piano plays a prominent role, giving the song an ethereal atmosphere. It’s almost like wandering through a fairy-tale castle, with each verse revealing a new room.

3. Leather and Lace

In this beautiful ballad, Nicks sings a duet with Don Henley of the Eagles. Leather and Lace explores the dynamics between masculinity and femininity in relationships, with a beautiful melody that perfectly blends the two voices. The song is a hymn to love and vulnerability.

2. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

A collaboration with Tom Petty, this song from “Bella Donna” is one of the most recognizable duets in the history of rock music. Petty’s raw guitar playing seamlessly blends with Nicks’ unique vocal qualities, resulting in a timeless classic.

1. Edge of Seventeen

The ultimate Stevie Nicks classic cannot be left out. Edge of Seventeen is an electrifying song with an unforgettable guitar riff that is instantly recognizable. Nicks describes feelings of loss and uncertainty, amplified by her powerful vocals. The song has influenced many generations and remains the pinnacle of her career.