Boney M. was a German disco group that was extremely successful in the 1970s.

Founded by producer Frank Farian in 1975, the group consisted of four originally Caribbean artists from England, Germany and the Netherlands: singers Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell, model Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell.

Boney M. has sold some 80 million records worldwide and is known for such international hits as “Daddy Cool,” “Ma Baker,” “Belfast,” “Sunny,” “Rasputin,” “Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord” and “Rivers of Babylon.”

Time to look at the 10 best Boney M songs of all time.

10. Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord

9. Belfast

8. Brown Girl in the ring

7. Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday

6. Sunny

5. Gotto Go Home

4. Rasputin

3. Daddy Cool

2. Ma Baker

1. Rivers of Babylon