Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson came into the spotlight at a tender age of 11 when she won the Swedish version of America’s Got Talent with her powerful rendition of Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”

While it took a few years for her to break into the mainstream, she burst onto the scene in a big way in 2013 with her first EP, featuring the hit single “Uncover.” Her international fame solidified with the 2015 hit “Lush Life,” and she hasn’t looked back since.

Here’s a closer look at her top 10 songs that illustrate her versatile talent and prove why she’s a global pop phenomenon.

10. All the Time

This catchy pop number showcases Zara’s smooth vocals alongside a hook that is irresistible, making it a staple in many summer playlists.

9. Girls Like (with Tinie Tempah)

A collaborative effort with British rapper Tinie Tempah, this song serves as an empowering anthem that perfectly captures the spirit of modern femininity.

8. Bad Boys

With its slick production and catchy beat, “Bad Boys” underscores Zara’s vocal range and her ability to delve into different pop sub-genres.

7. Ruin My Life

A more introspective track, “Ruin My Life” deals with the complexities of love and relationships, adding depth to her pop persona.

6. This One’s For You (with David Guetta)

Teaming up with renowned DJ David Guetta, Zara delivers a vibrant, anthemic track that became a sports event staple, further elevating her international profile.

5. Ain’t My Fault

Bold and sassy, “Ain’t My Fault” boasts a heavy bassline and confident lyrics, positioning Zara as a strong, independent artist unafraid to take charge.

4. Uncover

The song that shot her to fame in Scandinavia, “Uncover” is a tender ballad that showcases her emotive vocals and songwriting skills.

3. Never Forget You

A collaborative track with British singer MNEK, this song combines poignant lyrics with a compelling beat, epitomizing the emotive power of pop music.

2. Symphony (with Clean Bandit)

One of her most iconic collaborations, “Symphony” with Clean Bandit is a moving love song set to classical instrumentation, a blend that gives the track its emotional heft.

1. Lush Life

The song that brought her international fame, “Lush Life,” is a summery anthem filled with exuberant beats and vibrant vocals, a perfect introduction to Zara’s infectious pop style.

With her rise to global stardom, Zara Larsson has proven that she’s much more than a child prodigy. Her diverse catalog of hits illustrates her growth as an artist and her enduring appeal to a global audience.