Halsey is one of the most versatile and provocative artists in the modern music industry. She consistently surprises with her genre-defying style and deep, often vulnerable, lyrics. Here are the ten most iconic songs by Halsey:

10. Sorry

A vulnerable ballad that highlights Halsey’s sensitive side. “Sorry” is an emotional journey through regret and self-reflection, accompanied by minimalist piano.

9. Castle

With its dark, almost gothic melody and powerful lyrics, “Castle” is a song that showcases Halsey’s confident and independent side. The song was even featured in the trailer for “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” adding to its epic feel.

8. Boy With Luv (Ft. BTS)

In this collaboration with K-pop sensation BTS, Halsey shows off her versatility. The song is upbeat and playful and became a global hit, proving that Halsey can effortlessly switch between different musical styles.

7. Eastside (Khalid)

Together with Khalid, Halsey creates a melancholic song about love and loss. “Eastside” is a subtle mix of pop and R&B that perfectly captures the bittersweet emotions of the lyrics.

6. Nightmare

“Nightmare” is a feminist anthem full of energy and untamed passion. With heavy guitar riffs and aggressive production, Halsey presents herself as a combative woman who pulls no punches.

5. Colors

“Colors” is one of the songs that made Halsey well-known to the general public. With its synthesizer-driven melody and introspective lyrics about a confusing relationship, the song has left a lasting impression.

4. You should be sad

A country-inspired breakup song, where Halsey doesn’t shy away from getting personal. “You should be sad” is a track that displays her versatility as an artist, featuring a blend of country elements and pop sensibilities.

3. Bad At Love

A catchy, autobiographical song that explores Halsey’s struggles in love. With her distinctive voice and candid lyrics, it’s hard not to empathize with her quest for love and acceptance.

2. Without Me

This song is likely one of Halsey’s most well-known works and addresses personal relationships and the complexity of dependence. The track quickly became a hit and helped solidify her status as one of the most important pop stars of the moment.

1. Closer

This collaboration with The Chainsmokers is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the decade. “Closer” combines the best of EDM and pop, and Halsey’s contribution elevates the song to a higher level. The song was a commercial success and stands as a testament to Halsey’s versatility and broad appeal.