Cardi B has burst onto the scene in a big way, carving out her own space in the hip-hop and rap world. Known for her unapologetic lyrics and vibrant personality, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a rundown of her top 17 tracks that you need to listen to.

17. Washpoppin

One of her earlier tracks, “Washpoppin” lays the groundwork for Cardi B’s unapologetic swagger. The song is an excellent example of her braggadocio rap style and raw lyrical flow.

16. Stripper Hoe

No one can talk about Cardi’s early grind without mentioning “Stripper Hoe.” The song provides an in-your-face narrative of her life before fame. It’s raw and uncensored, just like Cardi.

15. Pull Up

“Pull Up” is a straight-up battle cry. The song is about standing your ground and asserting yourself, themes that have been consistent throughout Cardi’s career. The beat is energetic, and Cardi’s flow is electric.

14. Lick

“Lick” is a collab with Offset, and it marks a turn in Cardi’s career where she began to gain more mainstream attention. The track pairs a catchy beat with confident lyrics, exploring themes of success and self-empowerment.

13. I Do

Featuring SZA, “I Do” is an anthem for independent women. Both artists bring their unique style to the table, creating a track that exudes confidence and female empowerment.

12. Get Up 10

In “Get Up 10,” Cardi delivers a rags-to-riches narrative that feels both deeply personal and widely relatable. Her lyrical skills shine here as she raps about the struggles she’s overcome and the hard work she’s put into her career.

11. Cheap Ass Weave

This song offers a lighter take on Cardi’s life experiences, using humor to address the topic of weaves and beauty standards in a way that only she could. It’s tongue-in-cheek and unabashedly Cardi B.

10. Bartier Cardi

Here, Cardi teams up with 21 Savage for a hypnotic, beat-driven track that celebrates her newfound fame and wealth. The song solidified her as a star who could hold her own with other big names in the industry.

9. Bronx Season

Cardi pays homage to her hometown, the Bronx, in this hard-hitting track. The song serves as a reminder of her roots and the tough upbringing that molded her.

8. Press

“Press” is Cardi at her most confrontational, taking on her critics and haters directly. The track’s music video added a visual dimension that made the song even more compelling.

7. Ring

In this collaboration with Kehlani, Cardi B shows her softer side. The song explores vulnerability in relationships, a departure from her more aggressive tracks but equally impactful.

6. Please Me

Teaming up with Bruno Mars, “Please Me” is a sultry, R&B-infused track that showcases Cardi’s versatility as an artist. It’s a smooth change of pace but still packs a punch.

5. Money

“Money” is an ode to what motivates many: financial freedom. Cardi B effortlessly mixes rap with piano backings, resulting in a catchy, head-turning anthem.

4. Be Careful

Here, Cardi delves into emotional depths, cautioning her lover to be careful with her heart. The song offers a look into her softer, more vulnerable side, proving that she’s not just a one-dimensional artist.

3. MotorSport

In this Migos collaboration, Cardi holds her own alongside rap heavyweights, offering one of the most memorable verses in the song. “MotorSport” shows that she can keep pace with the best in the business.

2. Bodak Yellow

This is the song that catapulted Cardi into stardom. “Bodak Yellow” is a feminist anthem, a rallying cry for women everywhere to take control of their own destiny.

1. I Like It

At the top of our list is “I Like It,” where Cardi mixes her Bronx rap style with Latin influences, featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin. The song is a celebration of her roots and a declaration of her arrival in the mainstream. It’s catchy, fun, and exemplifies what makes Cardi B such a powerhouse in modern music.