Nicki Minaj, the flamboyant rapper and singer, is one of the most influential female artists in the hip-hop scene. With over 100 million records sold worldwide and numerous hits, it’s no wonder she has had a lasting impact on the music industry. Her style is a unique blend of rap, pop, and R&B, and she is known for her audacious lyrics and extravagant personality. But which songs make up her absolute top 10?

10. Anaconda

Anaconda, a track from her third studio album “The Pinkprint,” is an ode to her own self-confidence and femininity. The track features a sample from “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot and became a cult phenomenon due to its provocative music video and the catchphrase “My anaconda don’t.”

9. Right Thru Me

This song from the album “Pink Friday” showcases the more emotional and vulnerable side of Nicki Minaj. With a subtle R&B beat and introspective lyrics, we get a glimpse into the complexity of relationships. The song confirms that Minaj is more than just rap and glamour; she can also strike a personal chord.

8. Starships

Starships is a cheerful pop hit that’s perfect for the summer. From her second album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,” this song offers a mix of electropop and hip-hop. With a catchy chorus and colorful music video, Minaj shows her versatility and her ability to cross over into other genres.

7. Beez in the Trap

This track is a powerful statement about Minaj’s place in the rap industry. Featuring rapper 2 Chainz, Nicki delivers an unfiltered, raw rap that confirms her status as one of the most important female MCs. It is a must for anyone taking her rap skills seriously.

6. Pills N Potions

This subdued track from “The Pinkprint” reveals an introspective side of Minaj. The ballad is about finding balance in love and life, and the complex relationship she has with success and happiness. The music video, with a subdued aesthetic, stands in sharp contrast to her typically flamboyant clips.

5. Bang Bang

A collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, this is an absolute banger of a song. Each of the three artists gets a chance to shine in this pop-rap hybrid. The result is one of the most memorable female collaborations in recent pop history.

4. Chun-Li

The track is a tribute to the iconic “Street Fighter” character and became an anthem for female strength and self-reliance. The production is filled with Asian musical elements, and Nicki’s rap is as powerful as ever.

3. Moment 4 Life

In this duet with Drake, Minaj reflects on her journey to stardom and the transience of success. It is an introspective track that provides a glimpse into the person behind the public persona.

2. Super Bass

One of her biggest hits, Super Bass is a pop-rap masterpiece that took over charts worldwide. The catchy melody and unforgettable music video make this song one of her most iconic works.

1. Your Love

This early single is a true classic. The track features a sample from Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s” and is often seen as the song that made Nicki Minaj a mainstream star. It showcases her versatility as a rapper and singer and remains one of her most beloved songs.