Megan Thee Stallion, also known as Megan Pete, has quickly risen to become one of the leading rap artists of this generation. With her sharp lyrics, spicy beats, and confident demeanor, she has conquered the rap game. Her songs range from party anthems to powerful feminist statements. But which tracks by Megan Thee Stallion are must-listens? Here is the top 10!

10. Thot Shit

‘Thot Shit’ is a provocative track that underlines Megan’s confidence and audacity. The rapper doesn’t shy away from any taboo and shows that she’s not afraid to address controversial topics. It’s as if she’s inviting her listeners to embrace life in all its facets. A daring choice for a song, and as a result, it has become a true fan favorite.

9. Sweetest Pie

This song is the result of a collaboration with the equally talented Dua Lipa. ‘Sweetest Pie’ is a tasteful blend of rap and pop, with a catchy melody that lingers in your head for days. One could say the song is both sweet and spicy, reflecting Megan’s versatile personality.

8. Savage

‘Savage’ is probably one of Megan’s most recognizable songs, partly thanks to the popular TikTok challenge that brought the song into the limelight. But behind the catchy beat and engaging lyrics also lies a message of empowerment and self-love.

7. Big Ole Freak

This song can be seen as Megan’s true breakthrough. ‘Big Ole Freak’ is an ode to sexual freedom and self-confidence. The song breaks conventions and shows a side of female sexuality that is not often portrayed in mainstream media.

6. Cry Baby

This is one of those songs where Megan shows that she’s not just a strong woman, but also an excellent storyteller. In ‘Cry Baby’, she explores human relationships and complexities. The feature by DaBaby elevates the song to a higher level and makes it one of her most memorable tracks.

5. Cash Shit

Here Megan truly showcases her prowess as a rap artist. With a banging beat and an engaging flow, she captivates the listener from start to finish. The song also engages the imagination with its social themes revolving around money and power.

4. Captain Hook

‘Captain Hook’ has a unique melody and flow that immediately grab the listener’s attention. Megan explores her versatile rap style and shows that she is more than a one-dimensional artist. It’s a song that can be enjoyed both on the dance floor and in a reflective mood.

3. Hot Girl Summer

The song that became a phenomenon. ‘Hot Girl Summer’ is not only a catchy summer hit but has also become a culture-defining anthem. Together with Nicki Minaj, Megan sets a standard for what an unforgettable summer should be.

2. Body

With ‘Body’, Megan celebrates the female form in all its shapes and sizes. The song is a real club banger and has inspired countless women worldwide to love their bodies as they are.

1. WAP

With ‘WAP’, a collaboration with Cardi B, Megan has created a song that is not only controversial but also inevitable. The song is a celebration of female sexuality, and although it has stirred up a lot of dust, it has also sparked an important discussion on female empowerment. A well-deserved number one.