A creature without boundaries, a chameleon of the music world, and a transformative icon—David Bowie navigated countless musical genres and left his indelible mark on every era he touched. From his ’70s glam-rock persona to his electronic ventures in the ’90s and beyond, each Bowie song is a chapter in an ever-unfolding narrative.

10. ‘Ashes to Ashes’

In ‘Ashes to Ashes,’ Bowie pays homage to his earlier persona, Major Tom. Drenched in a sense of melancholy and self-reflection, the song exemplifies the intricacy of Bowie’s songwriting and the depth of his persona.

9. ‘Changes’

‘Changes’ captures Bowie’s perpetual evolution as an artist. This masterpiece, which revolves around growth and transformation, showcases Bowie’s unique ability to wrap complex themes in catchy pop music.

8. ‘Let’s Dance’

‘Let’s Dance’ is perhaps Bowie’s most accessible tune. Featuring an irresistible groove, powerful vocals, and a memorable guitar riff, this song celebrates Bowie’s ability to adapt while imprinting his distinct flair on it.

7. ‘Sound and Vision’

‘Sound and Vision’ stands out for its minimalist song structure and haunting synthesizers that, coupled with Bowie’s vocals, create an ethereal atmosphere.

6. ‘China Girl’

Originally penned by Iggy Pop, Bowie reworked and released ‘China Girl’ as a single for his 1983 album ‘Let’s Dance.’ Characterized by its catchy pop melody and Bowie’s commanding vocals, the song is also infamous for its controversial music video.

5. ‘Rebel Rebel’

‘Rebel Rebel’ encapsulates Bowie’s rebellious spirit and extraordinary talent. The captivating guitar riff and catchy chorus make this an unmistakable Bowie masterpiece.

4. ‘Life on Mars?’

‘Life on Mars?’ is filled with surreal imagery and lyrical acuity. His knack for capturing abstract concepts in accessible melodies makes this song an irresistible classic.

3. ‘Starman’

‘Starman’ is a cosmic opus that showcases his knack for creating iconic characters, like Ziggy Stardust. The track is imbued with hope, promise, and a unique imaginative spirit only found in Bowie’s work.

2. ‘Space Oddity’

‘Space Oddity’ perfectly captures Bowie’s gift for vivid storytelling and his talent for crafting unforgettable characters. The song also embodies his fascination with the extraterrestrial, a recurring theme throughout his work.

1. ‘Heroes’

‘Heroes,’ inspired by the Berlin Wall, is an anthem of hope and resilience. Bowie’s passionate vocals and uplifting instrumentation make this track an undeniable powerhouse in his discography.