Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, known globally as Shakira, is a Colombian singer who has been captivating audiences since her teenage years. Although her initial attempts at breaking into the music scene with her first two albums were less than successful, her 1995 album “Pies Descalzos” marked her as a force to be reckoned with in the Latin music world. Her subsequent releases have not only cemented her reputation in the Spanish-speaking world but have also made her a global phenomenon.

Her transition into the English-speaking market with the 2001 album “Laundry Service” was a game-changer, with the single “Whenever, Wherever” catapulting her into global stardom. Shakira has successfully released albums in both Spanish and English, charting in the top 10 multiple times and reaching a broad audience worldwide.

Here are the top 20 songs from Shakira’s diverse discography, combining both her English and Spanish hits:

20. Clandestino

A sultry number that captures the essence of forbidden love.

19. Ojos Así

This track highlights Shakira’s unique vocal style and the fusion of Latin and Arabic musical elements.

18. Pure Intuition

A pop-infused track that’s irresistibly catchy.

17. Me Enamoré

This upbeat song captures the excitement and wonder of new love.

16. La La La

An energetic anthem that was also part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup soundtrack.

15. Rabiosa

A vibrant, danceable track that’s as feisty as the title suggests.

14. Illegal

A soulful ballad featuring guitar virtuoso Carlos Santana.

13. Objection (Tango)

This song captures the essence of tango, blending it with modern pop.

12. Can’t Remember to Forget You

A dynamic collaboration with Rihanna that fuses rock and reggae influences.

11. Don’t Bother

A poignant ballad about moving on after a breakup.

10. Beautiful Liar

A collaboration with Beyoncé that’s both empowering and catchy.

9. Perro Fiel

A vibrant track that explores themes of loyalty and love.

8. She Wolf

An electro-pop track that celebrates individuality and empowerment.

7. Loca

A quirky, upbeat song that captures Shakira’s playful spirit.

6. La Tortura

Featuring Alejandro Sanz, this song is a modern classic in Latin pop.

5. Underneath Your Clothes

A love ballad that showcases Shakira’s vocal range and lyrical depth.

4. Chantaje

A sultry, compelling duet with fellow Colombian artist Maluma.

3. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

This song became an anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is known for its infectious energy.

2. Whenever, Wherever

The song that propelled Shakira into international stardom, it remains an iconic pop track.

1. Hips Don’t Lie

Perhaps her most famous song, this collaboration with Wyclef Jean is a global hit that combines elements of reggaeton, salsa, and hip-hop.