Lena Katina and Joelia Volkova formed the Russian pop group t.A.T.u. In the 00s they scored some huge hits in Europe. The name Tatu (in Russian Тату) is an abbreviation for the Russian “Eta devochka lyubit ‘tu devochku” which means as much as “This girl loves that girl”. The lesbian image and the sensual stage act that went with it caused a stir in homeland Russia. The peak of this was reached when they participated in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2003. They announced that they would kiss each other on stage. The organization forbade this and would disqualify them if they did kiss. They decided not to do it and became third. The singers Katina and Volkova were not a couple, although they did appear differently in the video clips.

8. How Soon is Now

7. Sparks

6. Ya Soshla S Uma

5. White Robe

4. Gomenasai

3. Not Gonna Get Us

2. All About Us

1. All the Things She Said