Becky Hill, the British singer-songwriter, has made a name for herself both in the UK and globally. She has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, resulting in a series of chart-topping songs. With her blend of powerful vocals and compelling lyrics, Becky Hill has garnered millions of streams. But what are her top 10 songs, judged by their streaming numbers and daily plays? Let’s dive in:

10. Heaven On My Mind (with Sigala)

“Heaven On My Mind” is a feel-good collaboration with Sigala that showcases Becky Hill’s vocal prowess and ability to craft a catchy melody. The song has become a summer anthem for many.

9. Back & Forth (with MK & Jonas Blue)

This vibrant song, produced in collaboration with MK and Jonas Blue, is a dance floor magnet. Its infectious beat and sing-along lyrics make it a fan favorite.

8. Wish You Well (with Sigala)

Yet another collaboration with Sigala, “Wish You Well” is a breakup song that turns the focus towards empowerment and moving on. It has resonated with a large audience.

7. Piece Of Me (with MK)

This soulful dance track showcases Becky Hill’s diverse vocal range. The song has been a constant hit since its release, especially in club settings.

6. Afterglow (with Wilkinson)

Teaming up with Wilkinson, “Afterglow” dives into the drum and bass genre while keeping the emotional undertone that Hill is known for. The song has received critical acclaim and continues to be popular.

5. False Alarm (with Matoma)

This collaboration with Matoma combines pop and electronic music elements. The upbeat tempo paired with its lyrical depth makes “False Alarm” a standout track.

4. My Heart Goes (La Di Da) (feat. Topic)

This collaboration with Topic is a pop anthem that invites listeners to sing along. The song is frequently played on the radio and has a high daily stream count.

3. Gecko (Overdrive) (with Oliver Heldens) – Radio Edit

The song that skyrocketed Becky Hill to fame, “Gecko (Overdrive)” is an iconic dance track. Hill’s vocals blend perfectly with Oliver Heldens’ beats, making it an enduring hit.

2. Crazy What Love Can Do (with David Guetta & Ella Henderson)

“Crazy What Love Can Do” is a star-studded collaboration with David Guetta and Ella Henderson. The song has captured the hearts of millions and continues to receive a large number of daily streams.

1. Remember (with David Guetta)

This mega-hit collaboration with David Guetta has become one of Becky Hill’s most streamed songs. Its daily stream numbers are a testament to its lasting impact.

1. Lose Control (with Meduza & Goodboys)