Olivia Rodrigo has quickly won over the hearts of countless music fans. Her debut album “SOUR” has not only garnered massive streams and broken records, but it has also established her as an artist to watch. From soul-crushing ballads to defiant anthems, Olivia’s music is versatile and appeals to a wide audience. So, what tracks should be on a top 10 list of Olivia Rodrigo’s best work?

10. All I Want

“All I Want” is part of the soundtrack for the TV show “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” in which Olivia plays a role. This track is a classic love ballad that showcases her vulnerable side. Though less rebellious than some of her other tracks, “All I Want” has a unique, authentic charm that marked Olivia as a promising young artist.

9. Bad Idea Right?

Olivia’s ability to channel complex emotions into music is remarkable. This song seems to be a beautiful mix of bittersweet melodies and incisive lyrics.

8. Jealousy, Jealousy

“Jealousy, Jealousy” strikes a raw chord on the subject of jealousy and insecurity, especially in this digital age. The track is a fiery expression of self-awareness, balanced with a catchy tune and Rodrigo’s signature vocal stylings.

7. Favorite Crime

Another ballad that shouldn’t be overlooked is “Favorite Crime,” a song about the darker sides of love and relationships. Olivia’s storytelling prowess shines through here. The lyrics are vivid and emotional, something many young people can relate to as a painful but vital life lesson.

6. Happier

With “Happier,” Olivia explores the complexity of wanting to see your ex happy, but not ‘happier’ than they were with you. The song features a subtle yet penetrating melody that highlights Rodrigo’s vocal range.

5. Deja Vu

“Deja Vu” plays on the feeling that an ex is sharing the same special moments with a new love. The song is a clever blend of nostalgia and regret, paired with Olivia’s strong vocal performance. The musical buildup and narrative lyrics make it a standout track.

4. Vampire

This song is another new addition and employs a narrative style reminiscent of folk and indie influences. The theme of vampirism is subtly and metaphorically applied, giving the track a unique place in Olivia’s repertoire.

3. Traitor

On “Traitor,” Rodrigo explores the emotional terrain of betrayal. The soft, melancholic tune and her heart-wrenching voice are reminiscent of classic breakup songs but with a modern twist. This song is a true emotional rollercoaster.

2. Good 4 U

This song quickly became an anthem for anyone who has ever been left behind. “Good 4 U” is an upbeat, bittersweet track where Olivia’s vocal power and emotional depth come together. The sound is pop-inflected yet tinged with rock, a combination that works exceedingly well.

1. Drivers License

Finally, there’s “Drivers License,” the track that catapulted Olivia Rodrigo to global stardom. The emotional depth, melodious piano, and Olivia’s powerful voice make this song an instant classic. “Drivers License” struck a universal chord and launched Olivia into worldwide fame.