Ed Sheeran: he is one of the most popular singers at the moment and scores hit after hit. This British singer knows how to win everyone over with his sincere songs and his cheerful personality. But what are the biggest hits of this singer? You can read it in this top 10 Ed Sheeran songs!

10. Perfect

There are few things that Sheeran does as well as writing love songs. For this sweet winter song he worked together with one of the biggest names in the music world: Beyoncé.

9. Give Me Love

This song was one of the first hits Ed Sheeran scored. Give Me Love can be found on the singer’s first album and is about the painful end of a relationship. Yet this isn’t a depressing songs, because even heavy subjects Ed Sheeran can convey in an inspiring way.

8. Castle on the Hill

These days Sheeran lives the life of a superstar, but of course that hasn’t always been the case. In this song he reminisces about his carefree childhood in a quiet British village. Of course this song is not just about the memories of the singer, because everyone can recognize themselves in the quiet years that you experienced as a child.

7. Lego House

Lego House was the second major single from the British singer. Just like many of his numbers, this song revolves around relationships. In Lego House, he compares his relationship with Lego bricks that he keeps building and breaking down.

6. Photograph

Again Ed Sheeran delves into the past with a heart-warming song. Photograph is all about beautiful memories that he shares with loved ones and how these memories are stored in photos. The message of the song is simple: I will always be with you when you carry my photo with you.

5. The A Team

This song was Ed Sheeran major breakthrough. This melancholic song tells the story of a girl who has completely lost her way. The singer was inspired during a visit to a homeless shelter and the painful stories he heard. Yet he wanted the song to sound hopeful.

4. I See Fire

I See Fire is the song that Ed Sheeran wrote for the film series The Hobbit. The song is therefore mainly about the journey that the Hobbit Bilbo makes during these films. This song became an unprecedented success thanks to the unique sound that Sheeran has created.

3. Galway Girl

Ed Sheeran is a master of soft love songs, but he can also build a party. The cheerful Galway Girl has Irish influences and is therefore written together with a famous folk band.

2. Thinking Out Loud

This romantic song is rightly one of Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits. You can hear this sweet song at countless weddings and give everyone a romantic feeling. Thinking Out Loud is therefore a grand declaration of love in which the singer fantasizes about a long life with the woman of his dreams.

1. Shape of You

Strikingly enough, it is not a quiet love song that comes first on this list. Sheeran has written an unprecedented hit with the sexy song Shape of You. With this song he shows that he can not only make people feel much, but that he can also get everyone to dance.