Hailing from Miami, the rap duo City Girls, comprised of Yung Miami and JT, has become a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. The name “City Girls” is a nod to their roots in Opa-locka and Liberty City, two of Miami’s toughest neighborhoods where both ladies were raised.

Originally, they had no major ambitions of breaking into the rap scene; their aim was merely to create a diss track. Their 2017 debut, “Fu*k Dat Ni**a,” sampled Khia’s 2002 hit “My Neck, My Back” and quickly became a hit, thanks in part to Yung Miami’s promotion. Hits like “Period” and “Girl Code” soon followed, along with their memorable feature on Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

In 2019, they dropped the unforgettable track “Twerk” featuring Cardi B. If you’ve seen the music video, you know it’s an instructional guide to twerking of the highest order. Now, let’s dive into their top songs.

8. Fu*k Dat Ni**a

Their breakout single “Fu*k Dat Ni**a” announced the City Girls in grand style, reworking a classic rap anthem to voice their own perspective.

7. Sweet Tooth

“Sweet Tooth” delves into romantic cravings, offering a catchy, audacious twist that has become the duo’s signature.

6. Not Ya Main

With “Not Ya Main,” City Girls challenge traditional roles and expectations, declaring their own autonomy and value.

5. Period

This song encapsulates their brazen, no-holds-barred style, making it a feminist anthem that has resonated with many.

4. Where The Bag At

“Where The Bag At” is all about securing the bag, proving that City Girls have their priorities in check.

3. Season ft. Lil Baby

Teaming up with Lil Baby, “Season” showcases the duo’s versatility, blending street-smart lyrics with introspection.

2. Act Up

This empowering anthem became a cultural moment, encapsulating the brash and unapologetic ethos of the City Girls.

1. Twerk

Featuring Cardi B, “Twerk” not only became a massive hit but also a twerking manifesto. The iconic music video has left an indelible mark, and the song remains a high-energy staple in clubs around the world.