Spanish singer Rosalía has taken the music industry by storm with her unique fusion of flamenco, reggaeton, pop, and more. She has bagged numerous awards and has captivated audiences worldwide. But what are the most unforgettable songs from Rosalía? Here are the top ten tracks from this prodigious artist.

10. Pienso en tu Mira

“Pienso en tu Mira” showcases Rosalía’s skill in blending traditional flamenco elements with modern beats. The melancholic lyrics are accentuated by subtle guitar strains and Rosalía’s signature vocals. This track serves as a splendid introduction to her versatile talent.

9. Malamente

With “Malamente,” Rosalía displays her audacity by fusing flamenco with an urban sound. The track received widespread acclaim for its innovative approach and snagged two Latin Grammy Awards. Loaded with symbolism and social critique, this is a feature often recurring in Rosalía’s work.

8. TKN

“TKN” is a collaboration with American rapper Travis Scott that reveals a more reggaeton-inspired side of Rosalía. The song discusses leadership and trust, showcasing Rosalía’s willingness to experiment with various styles and genres.

7. Besos Moja2

This track is characterized by its sultry rhythms and lyrical depth. Rosalía’s voice seamlessly weaves through the instrumentation, creating an unforgettable auditory experience. “Besos Moja2” is a masterpiece of sensuality and emotion, a perfect blend of old and new influences.

6. La Fama

“La Fama” provides commentary on the toll that fame can take. The song features a catchy melody and a rhythm that takes you on a journey of reflection and reality. Rosalía’s vocal range shines here, proving that she’s more than just a pop phenomenon.

5. Beso

“Beso” takes the listener on a voyage through a range of emotions. From joy to sorrow, each note and word is delivered with precision. The lyrics are as profound as the musical composition, making it an essential track in Rosalía’s repertoire.

4. La Noche de anoche

A collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny, “La Noche de anoche” is an enchanting track that narrates the tale of a lost love. Known for its emotional resonance, the song is often cited as one of the highlights in the contemporary Latin pop landscape.


“DESPECHA” shows Rosalía at her best: a powerful female voice in a world dominated by men. The track is a beacon of empowerment and self-confidence, making it one of her most celebrated songs.

2. Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi

Another successful collaboration, this time with Puerto Rican rapper Ozuna. “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” is a reggaeton hit that reveals the lighter and playful side of Rosalía. The song boasts an irresistible melody that you can’t help but keep on repeat.

1. Con Altura

Created in collaboration with J Balvin, “Con Altura” is perhaps Rosalía’s most renowned track. It’s an ode to reggaeton culture and effortlessly flits between different genres. “Con Altura” epitomizes Rosalía’s capabilities and represents everything that makes her one of the most exciting artists of our time.
There you have it, the top ten tracks from Rosalía that showcase how diverse and talented this young Spanish singer truly is. From flamenco to reggaeton, Rosalía continues to impress with her unique approach to music.