Robbie Williams, born Robert Peter Williams, began his career as part of the popular boy band Take That but went on to achieve massive solo success after leaving the group in 1995. Despite facing difficulties with substance abuse, he became one of the defining pop stars of the ’90s and 2000s. With over 55 million records sold globally, Robbie Williams is an iconic figure in British pop music. He has been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame and has been lauded as one of the greatest artists of the ’90s.

Here are Robbie Williams’ biggest hits to date:

1. Angels

Perhaps his most iconic song, “Angels” is a ballad that has become synonymous with his career.

2. Feel

This introspective track showcases Williams’ unique voice and songwriting ability.

3. Let Me Entertain You

An energetic, show-stopping number that lives up to its title.

4. She’s the One

This love song is another highlight of Williams’ career, capturing emotion in a touching way.

5. The Road to Mandalay

An evocative song that delves into the intricacies of relationships.

6. Candy

A catchy, upbeat song that became a chart-topping hit.

7. Rock DJ

Known for its provocative music video, this song remains a fan favorite.

8. Millennium

A song that captures the zeitgeist of its time, blending pop and orchestral elements.

9. Advertising Space

A somewhat reflective track about fame and its pitfalls.

10. Eternity

A love song that was a commercial success, achieving top positions in various charts.

11. Morning Sun

An inspirational song that discusses self-reflection and personal growth.

12. Shame

A duet with Take That’s Gary Barlow, symbolizing Williams’ reconciliation with his past.

13. Come Undone

A controversial track that discusses personal vulnerabilities.

14. Something Stupid

A duet with Nicole Kidman, this cover of a classic became a surprising hit.

15. Supreme

A song with a compelling melody and driving beat, capturing the pop essence of the time.

16. You Know Me

A catchy tune with an equally charming music video.

17. Freedom

Robbie Williams’ first solo single, a cover of George Michael’s song.

18. Rudebox

A somewhat divisive song that experiments with electronic elements.

19. Bodies

A track that blends rock and electronic, showcasing Williams’ versatility.

20. Tripping

Another track that ventures into experimental territory, mixing pop, rock, and even ska elements.

Robbie Williams’ career is a blend of hit singles, successful albums, and high-profile collaborations. His music has evolved over time, showcasing different aspects of his artistry while maintaining his unmistakable charisma.