Bebe Rexha has carved a niche for herself in the modern pop landscape with her captivating vocals and flair for blending genres. Her music frequently explores themes of love, self-worth, and empowerment, striking a chord with a wide demographic. So, what are the top 10 tracks from this versatile American artist?

10. F.F.F.

“F.F.F.” (which stands for “F*** Fake Friends”) is an anthem for anyone who’s felt betrayed or let down. The song blends pop with subtle elements of hip-hop, delivering a message of self-reliance and skepticism towards fair-weather friendships.

9. Last Hurrah

“Last Hurrah” is a celebration of indulgence before a commitment to self-improvement. It’s a catchy and relatable song for anyone contemplating turning over a new leaf but wanting one last fling with their old ways.

8. The Way I Are

In “The Way I Are,” Bebe Rexha embraces her imperfections and celebrates individuality. Featuring Lil Wayne, the track combines R&B elements with pop hooks, offering an uplifting take on self-acceptance.

7. No Broken Hearts

Featuring Nicki Minaj, “No Broken Hearts” serves as an antidote to heartbreak. Its buoyant beats and defiant lyrics inspire listeners to move on and find joy, essentially making it a go-to break-up anthem.

6. I’m a Mess

“I’m a Mess” is a confessional pop track where Rexha lays bare her vulnerabilities. The song resonates with anyone navigating emotional chaos, making it an anthem for those embracing their flaws and complexities.

5. Me, Myself & I

In collaboration with G-Eazy, “Me, Myself & I” explores themes of independence and the struggles of being in a relationship. With its infectious hook, the song captures the essence of modern-day romantic complications.

4. Take Me Home

“Take Me Home” features Rexha’s vocals blending perfectly with the euphoric EDM beats of Cash Cash. The song is an exhilarating ode to longing and the kind of love that feels like home.

3. I Got You

“I Got You” is a song about assurance and emotional support in a relationship. With its catchy chorus and danceable beats, the track is both a romantic reassurance and an infectious pop hit.

2. In the Name of Love

In collaboration with Martin Garrix, “In the Name of Love” is a powerful love anthem featuring a drop that’s become emblematic of modern EDM-pop crossovers. The song explores the complexities and vulnerabilities that come with falling in love.

1. Meant to Be

Topping the list is “Meant to Be,” a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line that became a chart-topping phenomenon. The song effortlessly blends country and pop, creating a compelling narrative about letting go and trusting that things will fall into place. With its universal appeal and emotional depth, “Meant to Be” is arguably Bebe Rexha’s most iconic song to date.