Doja Cat signed her first music contract in 2014 after independently releasing songs on SoundCloud. She was only 17 years old at the time. Her ascent to stardom really kicked off in 2018 when her single “Mooo!” went viral on YouTube and even turned her into a meme. In 2019, she released the album “Hot Pink,” featuring big hits like “Say So” and “Streets.” Doja Cat has collaborated with major stars like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd. Here are the top 10 Doja Cat songs to date:

10. Tia Tamera

“Tia Tamera,” featuring rapper Rico Nasty, is an energetic song that showcases Doja Cat’s unique flow and lyrical skills. With a colorful and eye-catching music video, the song quickly gained attention and praise.

9. Candy

“Candy” is a sultry track that highlights Doja Cat’s versatility as an artist. The song mixes rap with more melodic elements, showing the range of Doja Cat’s musical abilities.

8. Rules

“Rules” is an anthem for self-empowerment, emphasizing Doja Cat’s own rules for her life and career. With a fierce beat and even fiercer lyrics, this song is a statement of her autonomy in the industry.

7. Streets

One of the standout tracks from her “Hot Pink” album, “Streets” blends smooth R&B vibes with a compelling beat. The song has gained extra attention due to its popularity on TikTok, making it a modern-day hit.

6. Best Friend (with Saweetie)

“Best Friend,” a collaboration with rapper Saweetie, is a celebration of friendship and female empowerment. With its catchy beat and playful lyrics, it’s a tune that instantly lifts your mood.

5. Juicy

“Juicy” is an unabashed celebration of body positivity. With its infectious hook and vibrant music video, the song is a feel-good anthem that has resonated with many.

4. Like That

Featuring Gucci Mane, “Like That” is a groovy track that effortlessly blends hip-hop and pop elements. It’s a toe-tapping, head-nodding song that showcases Doja Cat’s broad appeal.

3. Mooo!

The song that started it all, “Mooo!” is a quirky and unconventional track that went viral for a reason. It’s playful, memorable, and showcases Doja Cat’s unique personality.

2. Boss Bitch

“Boss Bitch” is a high-energy track that was featured in the soundtrack for the movie “Birds of Prey.” With its empowering lyrics and irresistible beat, the song encapsulates Doja Cat’s confident persona.

1. Say So

“Say So,” with its disco-infused beat and catchy lyrics, is arguably Doja Cat’s most popular song to date. It not only topped the charts but also became a cultural phenomenon, thanks in part to its viral TikTok dance.