When you think of the top female pop stars of recent years, names like Adele, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift likely come to mind. However, one name that definitely belongs on this list is Alecia Beth Moore, more commonly known as “Pink.” Since the year 2000, Pink has consistently delivered hit after hit. Initially starting out in the realms of R&B and rap, she quickly transitioned into the rock/pop genre. Here’s a rundown of the 20 best songs Pink has released to date:

20. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Known for its quick tempo and assertive lyrics that are quintessentially Pink, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” offers an engaging perspective on love and farewell. The track is a vibrant anthem about taking control, even when faced with tough situations.

19. Stupid Girls

This song criticizes the superficiality and stereotypes often associated with femininity in pop culture. “Stupid Girls” serves as both a critique and a call for change, wrapped in an infectious pop-rock melody.

18. F**kin’ Perfect

This track is an anthem for self-acceptance and empowerment. Pink uses her raw emotional delivery to spread a message of self-love and understanding. The lyrics are straightforward and sincere, resonating with those struggling with self-image.

17. Don’t Let Me Get Me

This introspective song offers a glimpse into Pink’s own struggles with identity and self-worth. It serves both as a personal confessional and as a universally relatable anthem, connecting with listeners who feel they’re never quite good enough.

16. Trouble

“Trouble” is a rebellious, guitar-driven track that showcases Pink’s cheeky and daring side. It features an irresistibly catchy chorus that appeals to those who welcome a little ‘trouble’ in their lives.

15. True Love

An honest and sometimes sarcastic take on love and relationships, “True Love” argues that real love is complex yet irreplaceable. It’s a refreshing departure from traditional love songs and resonates with those who appreciate realistic romance.

14. Sober

This introspective song explores themes of addiction and self-discovery. “Sober” is a layered, intricate composition revealing a deeper side of Pink. It doesn’t shy away from emotional complexity, delivering a resonant message about human struggles and joys.

13. Dear Mr. President

One of Pink’s most political tracks, this song serves as an open letter to the then-U.S. President. It sharply criticizes political and social injustices, all framed by an acoustic melody emphasizing the song’s gravity.

12. Who Knew

This emotionally charged track speaks about loss and regret but also cherishing memories. “Who Knew” is one of Pink’s more sentimental songs, highlighting her ability to articulate deep emotions in accessible pop music.

11. Get the Party Started

One of Pink’s early hits, this song is a pure party anthem. “Get the Party Started” makes it impossible to sit still and cements her status as one of pop music’s most energetic artists. It’s a prime example of her ability to reach a broad audience, from pop aficionados to party-goers.

10. Family Portrait

This emotionally intense song offers a gripping view of family dynamics and divorce. “Family Portrait” is among Pink’s most personal tracks and has touched many who have experienced similar family issues. Its raw honesty goes straight to the heart.

9. Just Like a Pill

This hit skillfully combines rock and pop, showcasing Pink’s versatility as an artist. “Just Like a Pill” delves into the challenges of breaking free from a toxic situation or relationship, expressed through a strong melody and compelling vocals.

8. Please Don’t Leave Me

With a blend of humor and seriousness, this song examines the fears and contradictions inherent in intense love relationships. Pink’s powerful vocals and catchy melody make it a memorable track.

7. Just Like Fire

Used in the movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” this energetic track is a powerful anthem about individuality and courage. With its theatrical elements and dynamic tempo, “Just Like Fire” is an exhilarating piece promoting empowerment.

6. Raise Your Glass

This celebratory track is an ode to the ‘underdogs’ and ‘misfits.’ “Raise Your Glass” is both uplifting and inspiring, encouraging everyone to take pride in who they are.

5. What About Us

This song is a heartbreaking plea for understanding and justice. “What About Us” can be interpreted as either a social or political statement, but also as a personal expression of alienation and a desire for connection.

4. So What

One of Pink’s most iconic tracks, “So What” is an anthemic song about self-sufficiency and freedom. It’s a bold expression of independence and strength, tinged with Pink’s characteristic edge.

3. Cover Me in Sunshine

Sung with her daughter Willow, this song is a tender tribute to life’s simple moments of happiness and peace. “Cover Me in Sunshine” radiates calming warmth, uplifting listeners through its sincere sentiments.

2. Beautiful Trauma

This title track from her seventh studio album is a vivid exploration of love’s complexities. Pink’s compelling voice carries the contrasting emotions of pain and joy, making it a relatable and thought-provoking song.

1. Try

Topping the list is “Try,” a motivational anthem encouraging listeners to face their fears and failures to discover their inner strength. With its inspiring lyrics and dynamic arrangement, it’s a transformative song that epitomizes Pink’s talent and message.