Jennifer Lopez, commonly known as J.Lo, is a musical powerhouse with an impressive career spanning both film and music. With a range of hits varying from Latin-inspired rhythms to R&B and pop, J.Lo is undeniably one of the most versatile artists of her generation. But which of her songs are truly unforgettable? Here’s our top 10!

10. Ain’t Your Mama

Released in 2016, “Ain’t Your Mama” is notable for its feminist message. Lopez makes it clear with this song that she has no time for men who can’t act like adults. The catchy beat and Lopez’s powerful vocals make this track an undeniable J.Lo classic.

9. Ain’t it Funny

This track, from the 2001 album J.Lo, is unique for featuring two different versions: an original pop version and a Latin remix with Ja Rule. The Latin vibes and rap verses give the song a distinct flavor, making it a certified hit.

8. Booty

Released in 2014, “Booty” showcases a more playful side of Jennifer Lopez. Featuring Iggy Azalea, the track celebrates the beauty of the female form (focusing especially on her famous posterior) and is a lively addition to any dance party. The irresistible beat and provocative lyrics make it a guilty pleasure for many.

7. I’m Real

“I’m Real,” another collaboration with Ja Rule, was released in 2001 and helped solidify Lopez’s standing in the music world. The blend of R&B and hip-hop makes it a timeless classic that continues to receive significant airplay.

6. Love Don’t Cost a Thing

This 2000 hit is one of J.Lo’s most iconic songs. “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” touches on the materialistic aspects of relationships while emphasizing that love cannot be bought. The song remains relevant today and is often viewed as an anthem for independent women.

5. Dance Again

In collaboration with Pitbull, Lopez released “Dance Again” in 2012. This track is a bona fide club hit with an irresistible groove. It celebrates the joy of life and the exhilaration of dance, something J.Lo is well-known for.

4. Waiting for Tonight

From her album “On the 6,” this dreamy pop hit evokes the feeling of a sultry summer night. Released in 1999, “Waiting for Tonight” was one of the tracks that truly launched Jennifer Lopez’s music career.

3. On the Floor

“On the Floor,” another collaboration with Pitbull, is one of J.Lo’s most iconic songs. With Latin and dance influences, and a sample from Kaoma’s “Lambada,” the song became a global hit and remains a staple in any J.Lo concert.

2. If You Had My Love

This 1999 track was Jennifer Lopez’s debut single and immediately established her as a serious artist. “If You Had My Love” explores questions about love and trust, and has stood the test of time as a classic.

1. Let’s Get Loud

Topping our list is “Let’s Get Loud,” the vibrant, Latin-inspired song from 1999. The track encapsulates everything that J.Lo represents: lively, passionate, and irresistibly danceable. It’s the perfect finale for any J.Lo concert and epitomizes her as one of the greatest entertainers of her generation.