Camila Cabello, the Cuban-American singer, has carved out an impressive solo career over the past few years. With hits like “Havana” and “Señorita,” she has become an indispensable voice in contemporary pop music. Her sound is a unique blend of pop with touches of Latin, R&B, and even hip-hop. But what are her top ten iconic songs?

10. Beautiful

“Beautiful,” a collaboration with Bazzi, is a tender track that superbly highlights Camila’s vocals. The song features soft guitar strums and subtle electronic tones, creating a dreamy atmosphere. The lyrics explore self-acceptance and finding beauty in imperfection—a theme that resonates deeply with her fanbase.

9. My Oh My

From the album “Romance” (2019), “My Oh My” is a catchy pop song tinged with elements of R&B and hip-hop. Teaming up with rapper DaBaby, Camila sings about impassioned allure and taking control of her own desires. It’s an upbeat track that leaves you yearning for a night of summer dancing.

8. Shameless

“Shameless” is a bold track that heavily employs electronic synthesizers and robust drum beats. The song delves into the fears and uncertainties of falling in love, and the ultimate shamelessness in surrendering to that love. Her powerful vocals serve as the emotional core of the song, pulling the listener deep into her emotional realm.

7. Don’t Go Yet

With “Don’t Go Yet,” Camila returns to her Latin roots. The track is a lively cocktail of Latin-pop spiced up with a hint of reggaeton. It’s an invigorating song perfect for any party, emphasizing Camila’s versatility as an artist.

6. South of the Border

“South of the Border” is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Cardi B. The song melds pop and Latin influences into an irresistibly danceable package. The lyrics toy with themes of desire and mystery, and Camila’s sultry voice perfectly complements the vibe of the track.

5. Never Be the Same

With its electronic production and emotionally charged lyrics, “Never Be the Same” stands as a pinnacle in Camila’s discography. Love is likened to an addictive drug—a metaphor brilliantly conveyed through the song’s mesmerizing melodies.

4. Liar

“Liar” is a playful and mischievous track in which Camila grapples with internal conflicts about love and honesty. With a blend of Latin rhythms and trumpets, it’s a colorful song that puts a smile on your face.

3. Bam Bam

“Bam Bam” is a captivating track with a summery rhythm. The melody and lyrics are infectious, making it a perfect song for a road trip or day at the beach. Her emotive vocals, combined with the playful rhythm, make this one of her most memorable songs.

2. Señorita (with Shawn Mendes)

“Señorita,” in collaboration with Shawn Mendes, is a sensual duet that instantly became a hit. The chemistry between the two is palpable, adding an extra layer of depth to the song. The flowing melodies and subtle guitar work create a sultry atmosphere that makes the track irresistible.

1. Havana

“Havana” is the jewel in Camila Cabello’s crown. This track, with its Cuban rhythms and unforgettable melody, pays tribute to her roots. It forms a perfect blend of cultures and showcases Camila’s versatility. Featuring contributions from rapper Young Thug, this song is not only a commercial success but also a beacon of cultural diversity in pop music.