Christina Aguilera’s versatile voice and musical range have solidified her as one of pop’s most iconic figures. From soulful ballads to dance anthems, she’s got something for every mood. Let’s explore some of her most memorable tracks!

15. Say Something (2014)

A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera - Say Something

Featuring A Great Big World, “Say Something” is a heartbreaking ballad that displays Aguilera’s emotive vocal prowess. This collaboration tugs at the heartstrings and delivers a poignant message of love and loss.

14. Can’t Hold Us Down (2003)

Christina Aguilera - Can't Hold Us Down (Official HD Video)

A feminist anthem that refuses to bow down to societal norms, “Can’t Hold Us Down” shows off Aguilera’s penchant for strong, empowering messages.

13. I Turn To You (2000)

Christina Aguilera - I Turn To You (Official Video)

A song of devotion and gratitude, “I Turn To You” showcases Aguilera’s vocal capabilities as she belts out this emotional tune. It’s a heartfelt ballad that anyone can dedicate to a loved one.

12. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) (2000)

Christina Aguilera - Come On Over (All I Want Is You) (Official Video)

With its irresistible beat and catchy lyrics, “Come On Over Baby” is a playful tune that made waves on the dance floor and the charts alike.

11. Candyman (2007)

Christina Aguilera - Candyman (Official Video)

This sassy, retro-inspired track shows off Aguilera’s ability to flirt with various genres while maintaining her unique pop sensibilities.

10. What a Girl Wants (1999)

Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants (Official Video)

An iconic song that encapsulates the end of the ’90s era, “What a Girl Wants” is a feel-good tune that has continued to resonate with fans for years.

9. Ain’t No Other Man (2006)

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (Official Video)

This jazzy, upbeat song reveals a sultry, confident side of Aguilera. With its infectious beat and powerful vocals, it’s an instant classic.

8. Feel This Moment (2013)

Pitbull - Feel This Moment (Official Video) ft. Christina Aguilera

Collaborating with Pitbull, “Feel This Moment” is a party anthem that makes the most of Aguilera’s soaring vocals. It’s a track that encourages us to live in the moment.

7. Lady Marmalade (2001)

Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, P!nk - Lady Marmalade

Part of an all-star collaboration for the “Moulin Rouge!” soundtrack, “Lady Marmalade” saw Aguilera team up with Lil’ Kim, Mýa, and Pink. This remake of the 1974 hit became a number-one smash and a true cultural moment.

6. Dirrty (2002)

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (Official HD Video) ft. Redman

With its controversial music video and daring lyrics, “Dirrty” marked a significant departure for Aguilera, showcasing a raunchier, more assertive persona.

5. Fighter (2003)

Christina Aguilera - Fighter (Official HD Video)

This empowering anthem is a testament to Aguilera’s resilience and determination. With its driving beats and fierce lyrics, it remains a go-to song for anyone in need of a confidence boost.

4. Genie in a Bottle (1999)

Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle (Official Video)

The song that skyrocketed Aguilera to fame, “Genie in a Bottle” remains an iconic pop song that defined a generation. Its catchy lyrics and memorable beat make it a timeless classic.

3. Moves Like Jagger (2012)

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera (Official Music Video)

This collaboration with Maroon 5 became a global hit, blending rock and pop elements seamlessly. Aguilera’s vocal contribution gives the track a special touch that makes it unforgettable.

2. Beautiful (2000)

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Official HD Video)

A soul-stirring anthem of self-acceptance, “Beautiful” is perhaps Aguilera’s most universally resonant song. Its message of empowerment and self-love continues to inspire listeners to this day.

1. Hurt (2006)

Christina Aguilera - Hurt (Official Video)

Topping the list is “Hurt,” a haunting ballad that delves deep into themes of regret and loss. With its compelling lyrics and